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Veritux connects the world’s top independent professionals.

We take our name from the Latin words, veritas (truth) and dux (guide), as our members seek to be true guides to their clients.

By connecting with one another, Veritux members build relationships, share lessons learned, and discover opportunities to collaborate, allowing us to serve our clients better.


Scott Hartley
New York, NY
MBA, Columbia
White House
Two Culture Capital
Nita Sanger
New York, NY
MBA, Columbia
Wolters Kluwer
Idea Innovate Consulting
Scott DeVita
Chicago, IL
MS, University of Notre Dame
Himes Consulting Group
Wood Oaks Financial
Independent Professional
Stewart G Wyne
Atlanta, GA
MS, University of Maryland
Independent Professional
Roy Owen
Charleston, SC
MBA, Stanford
Waterstone Asset Mgmt
Irwin Mgmt Company
Independent Professional
Christine Ghione
Barcelona, Spain
MS, University Pompeu Fabra
Thomson Reuters
Independent Professional
Deborah A Coviello
Cincinnati, OH
BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Illumination Partners
Gil Edozien
Chicago, IL
MS, DePaul University
Ernst & Young
Feinberg & Young

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Posted Nov 30, 2022

Diane Gordon shares a timeless article on common sense and customer care and how to follow through on expectations.

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Posted Nov 30, 2022

In this article, Christos Christou examines the fundamentals of Corporate Governance and how they apply in a family business setting.

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Posted Nov 23, 2022

Christopher Davis shares an article on inventory overload, preserving cash, and supply chains reacting to the changing global economy.

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Posted Nov 22, 2022

Richard Beal shares an article that identifies the two essential transferable skills every professional needs to acquire.

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Episode 496. Sahana Sharan, Founder & Principal Elate Health Partners

11/21/2022 Sahana Sharan is Founder and Principal of Elate Health Partners, a company that helps hospitals participate in value-based care through a proven process that grows market share, improves financial health, and achieves cost savings. You can reach out to Sahana through her email or on Linkedin. Key points include: 04:35: What’s driving the adoption of Read full episode