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Veritux connects the world’s top independent professionals.

We take our name from the Latin words, veritas (truth) and dux (guide), as our members seek to be true guides to their clients.

By connecting with one another, Veritux members build relationships, share lessons learned, and discover opportunities to collaborate, allowing us to serve our clients better.


Tobey J Wyatt
Chicago, IL
MSc, University of Kansas
MPA Healthcare Solutions
Motherlode Consulting
Angelo Minafra
Milan, Italy
MD, Università Luigi Bocconi
Independent Professional
Ebru Tekinturhan
Istanbul, Turkey
Johnson & Johnson
Egon Zehnder
EMH Consultants
Uhriel Bedoya
Miami, FL
MBA, Wharton
Royal Bank of Canada
Arpeggio Advisors
Frank Britton
Boston, MA
MBA, Warwick Bus. School
Ernst & Young
Thomson Reuters
BlueCove Consulting
Sophia Ononye
New York, NY
PhD, University of Connecticut
The Sophia Consulting Firm
Ray Liu
New York, NY
MBA, Columbia
The Nielsen Company
Temasek Mgmt Svs
Core Insights Consulting
Steven R Maxwell
Boston, MA
MBA, U of Massachusetts
Workforce Innovation Partners

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Thought Leadership

A Case Study on Educating for a Sustainable, Plant-Based Food Future

Posted Jan 30, 2023

Maria Balcazar Tellez shares a case study from Plant Futures Initiative that explores educating for a sustainable, plant-based food future.

Hate Setting Goals? This Might Help

Posted Jan 25, 2023

Dianne Young shares an article on the basics of goal setting and identifying what’s important in Your life.

Corporate Innovation for Crisis

Posted Jan 24, 2023

Sebastian Vetter shares an article that identifies successful innovation patterns for a crisis.

Is it Time to Reposition Your Brand?

Posted Jan 23, 2023

In this article, Lynda Ferrari identifies a few common triggers that might suggest you need to look at repositioning your brand.

Unleashed Podcast

Episode 499. John Livesay, The Pitch Whisperer

01/16/2023 John Livesay is the pitch whisperer – he helps people calm down and deliver a winning pitch. He believes that the best way to win more sales is to tell a story that includes your own personal story, a company story, and then turning a case study into a case story. He was approached by Read full episode