Insight into Customer Segmentation

For all those who would like to know more about customer segmentation, Ahmet Kocamaz has provided a downloadable PDF on how to establish segments and how to use them.

Key Metrics on New Product Development

When investing in new product developments, it can be difficult to estimate the returns on the investment. Alan Taracuk provides insight and key metrics that companies can use to understand their relative position and performance.

Can We Agree on Globalization?

In the sixth article of the #CanWeAgree series, Jay Weiser posits 12 points on the benefits and drawbacks of globalization. Opinions welcome.

Connect and Grow Your Business

Amanda Utz recently published an article that explains how to grow your business by building successful strategic partnerships.

Squeezing Big Oil and Gas

Eric Beylier takes a look at the factors that lie behind supply chain pricing and the big oil and gas squeeze.