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James Phimister shares key takeaways from the  2018 National Federation of Advanced Information Services startup shootout with the contestants SciencePod, Bibblio, and LiquidText.


We all know the problem of continuous upgrading of the technology we use, for companies, the problem is much greater. Soyini Coke discusses the reason why upgrading is so hard and ways to ease the pain.

Susan Hamilton identifies a few key ingredients that help create the soul of a brand.

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Jonathan Paisner discusses the role emotion plays in a brand acquisition.

A practical post from Susan Drumm on how to avoid the “death by meeting” problem and be more productive.

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Soyini Coke discusses the relationship between funding and leadership with two business leaders as they explore how CEOs and investors interact.

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Geoff Wilson shares a post that identifies the toughest part of any business strategy and illustrates the difference between negative and positive choices.

Kaihan Krippendorff offers three strategic lessons and identifies a key difference between great athletes and novice athletes to illustrate the importance of focusing in the right direction.

John Sallay provides a valuable post on how to explain an idea clearly, crisply, and convincingly to an angel investor, VC, corporate CEO, or even a business plan competition judging panel.

Kaihan Krippendorff’s company offers a white paper on designing a business model that disrupts your competition, but not your company.