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Paul Millerd asks “Will modern “management” go down in history with antibiotics and soda as something that started out benevolent but ended up harming many people?” And why not gain more insight and inspiring possibilities for the future on Paul’s podcast on a better working world.

David Gronchi discusses the right attitude to have when leading industrial investment projects.

Odin Muhlenbein published an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review that discusses the benefits of pursuing smaller targeted changes to maximize the potential of a systems change approach.

Jayanth Krishnan discusses how financial institutions and startups in Asia think about fintech innovation differently relative to their counterparts in the U.S.

John Nantz shares the Austin Innovation Ecosystem Report 2018 from his company. The report provides a resource for anyone interested in innovation ecosystems.

Ian Tidswell offers a valuable strategy to pricing through elephant training techniques.

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From Indranil Ghosh’s company, a case study on the strategic alignment of leadership teams.

Geoff Wilson explains why employees with a hero mentality may obstruct the accurate assessment of process.  

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Jonathan Paisner explains what the GPS brain is, and how your brand can connect with consumers effectively in this new age of communication.

It is widely understood that company culture is crucial to the overall performance of employees, Dan Markovitz explains how to build trust in the workplace.