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In an article for Chief Executive, Amanda Setili explains why your business needs to get creative to survive.

Soyini Coke explains how to disrupt your industry in three steps with backup from a recent interview with CEO Claude Tellis of Naturade and his CMO, Kareem Cook.

Kaihan Krippendorff explains how 30 years of radical decisions worked for Haier, and how it can work for you.

From David Burnie’s company blog, a look at company culture, why it matters, and how it affects the bottom line.

In this article published in Forbes, Stephen Wunker offers a case study on the green tech company Better Place, where he explains why their grand vision failed.

From Luca Ottinetti’s company blog, why strategic control points count in a defensive strategy, with case studies to back up the hypothesis.

Knowing when to discuss fees is always tricky, David A. Fields offers advice on getting the timing right.

Automakers in the Sharing Economy Sven Beiker co-wrote this case study that compares different types of shared mobility solutions, including car-sharing and ride-hailing. It also describes the major trends such as urbanization, shifting consumer preference from ‘owning’ to ‘sharing’, and various technological advances.

Anant Singh explains why AI will liberate human potential and unleash a surge in creativity, exploration, and innovation.


Mary Winn Miller explains why entrepreneurial thinking is a useful professional development tool for everyone, and she provides the key steps that will initiate your project quickly, cheaply, and effectively.