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Tim Fisk explains why applying process thinking to your organization’s structure can improve performance.

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In the first of an informative and insightful three-post series on demand generation, Remen Okoruwa explains the rise of revenue operations, what it means for companies today, and how it can help align marketing and sales departments for better results.

Expand your leadership skills with Hock Kim Teh as he explains how leading from behind is an effective strategy to empower and motivate your employees.

Geoff Wilson shares what he has learned from bad bosses and offers a few effective ways they – or you – could improve communication skills.

This week on CEO Exclusive, Soyini Coke interviews fab’rik CEO Dana Spinola and finds out just how valuable taking a ‘sabbatical’ can be for both the employee and the company.

Stephen Wunker and David Farber collaborated on this case study that illustrates the power of combining two theories – disruptive innovation and jobs to be done – to create a recipe for successful innovation.

In this white paper, author Kaihan Krippendorff presents an approach to strategic development that can lead to the design of more innovative strategies.

Anant Singh explores the concept of trust as a common denominator in the sharing economy and how social credit plays an integral role in this brave new gig economy.

Have you ever lost a consulting gig or client and wondered why? David A. Fields, author of two popular consulting books, helps alleviate your confusion with some valid reasons why, and practical steps you can take to mitigate this issue in the future.

Author Amanda Setili tackles the topic of activist investors, and what you can learn from them to help you thrive and adapt in the face of market change.