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Author Stephen Wunker dispels three common myths on the jobs to be done theory that lead to misunderstanding and inefficacy.

Author of four books on strategy, Kaihan Krippendorff moves beyond divisive politics in this insightful post on what it takes to be a president.

From John Van Leeuwen’s company blog, four key points to help you develop effective strategies.

Simplicity can be difficult to achieve when dealing with complex issues, Michael Egan shares his process for breaking down the complex to help identify root causes and solutions, especially when it comes to “Doing Good.”

If you don’t know what you want to do, but you know that you don’t want the status quo, this article from Paul Millerd will help you figure it out.

Phillip Ebert identifies the two factors that prevent us from moving forward with ideas, and he offers a five solid steps that help break through the blocks other self-help instructions fail to breach.

As co-author of Jobs to Be Done, Stephen Wunker offers six steps to successfully implementing the jobs to be done theory for market segmentation.

When confronted by events outside of your control, it’s easy to slide into the victim mindset. Susan Drumm provides four practical steps that can help you break this unproductive habit and change the outcomes.

Tim Fisk explains why applying process thinking to your organization’s structure can improve performance.

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In the first of an informative and insightful three-post series on demand generation, Remen Okoruwa explains the rise of revenue operations, what it means for companies today, and how it can help align marketing and sales departments for better results.