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Dan Markowitz provides valuable insight on the problem of stumbling blocks for companies pursuing continuous improvement on company culture.

John Van Leeuwen provides insight into the current obstacles faced by the oil and gas industry, and why the problem oil prices.

On the CEO Exclusive blog post this week, Soyini Coke dives into the problems smaller companies face and how they can compete and beat the larger corporations by focusing on these key areas.

Ushma Pandya explains how a zero waste garbage solution is possible and how business can be a part of the solution to help deal with this growing concern.

If you have ever wondered if there is a difference in cloud infrastructure, this article is for you. Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan explores cloud territory and explains why it matters.

From the company blog of Belden Menkus, an analogy between sports and employees to discover who plays best on which team.

Valuable and useful strategic tips from author David A. Fields on how to find and connect with qualified clients.

Soyini Coke identifies the benefits of mindfulness for the CEO throughout the work day for best results.

Jonathan Paisner explores a few key elements that can result in brand portfolio confusion and offers tips to help improve cross-selling.

Jennifer Hartz applies advice from Benjamin Franklin to strategic planning for the benefit on one’s self and others.