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Peter Kreisky identifies what going public may mean for this media organization and why it may stymie innovation.

Winton Gibbons provides a detailed infographic that explains a practical, direct, and strategic framework for new product screening, assessment, and commercialization.

A useful book from Tirrell Payton on sourcing, creating, and managing user stories for maximum impact. Includes 15 example user stories from different industries.

Sanjay Gandhi explains the top 5 pitfalls of options for startups from c-corps to LLC.

Will Bachman was recently quoted in an article for the Huffington Post that provides advice on how to terminate a relationship amicably.  

Belden Menkus explains why middle management are often overlooked and why it is important to pay attention to this forgotten layer.

David A. Fields provides a priceless, and humorous, post on how to develop the right consulting firm design to maximize profits.

Getting your team to engage in creative thinking is not always easy, luckily there are steps you can take to kick-start the creative process. Amanda Setili provides 6 tried and tested methods to unshackle your team’s creativity.

The problem with content customers is that they are easy to ignore. Geoff Wilson explains the problem of being complacent with current customers and how to avoid losing them.

In this informative downloadable white paper, Belden Menkus offers six quickly implemented tools that can maintain organizational effectiveness in times of dramatic change.