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Let Susan Hamilton brighten your day with this post that sheds light and insight into a recent cultural trend. A 2-minute read guaranteed to make you smile.

In an article for Next Billion, Steven Koltai explains why “entrepreneurs are natural peacemakers” and how supporting them can help transcend conflict in troubled areas. Steven is teaching “Peace Through Entrepreneurship” at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and will be giving a public talk on “Startups, Security & Social Change,” on September 26, at Tufts’s […]

An insightful post from David A. Fields on the importance of understanding which projects you have the right to win. He provides four key questions to ask that will help you determine where you have a right to win. For more stellar tips and guidance on hiring consultants, check out  David’s book The Executive’s Guide […]

From David Burnie’s company blog, five tried and tested tips to help entrepreneurs start and run a successful business.

From the company blog of Boris Galonski, an in-depth article that explores how and why  a decentralized energy solution may be the answer to the current energy crisis.

Sage marketing advice for entrepreneurs from James Black that gives three key steps you can take to look beyond the obvious opportunities to build an effective marketing strategy.

Do you feel a bit like a hobbit when the discussion turns to bitcoins? You’re not alone. Adam Warden shines a light on the current bitcoin environment and the death of Smaug.

Sound advice and direction for general managers in this free download from Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy, on how to think strategically and improve performance and operations.

Stefan Pap explains the benefits of adaptive leadership and identifies the limitations of technology when it comes to organizational change that requires people to change their behaviors and mindsets.

Pithy and packing a punch, this short thought from Paul Millerd explores three elements that need to be in place to move ideas from thought to reality, and how these elements are equally important in business.