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When in the planning cycle is it a good time to start fresh? Geoff Wilson identifies three key areas where it might be a good idea to wipe the slate clean and draw up a new structure.

Evren Ozkaya’s company Supply Chain Wizard and Medicines for Europe are co-hosting a unique training program in Amsterdam, December 6 – 8. The program was developed to enable teams to effectively lead serialization projects with the right tools & templates.

Soyini Coke offers some sage advice and valuable tips on how to prepare for and handle the media effectively.

Susan Drumm has launched a new series of leadership programs full of valuable advice for entrepreneurs and corporations alike. The new program Rising Stars offers webinars, online courses and coaching to help give high-potential managers the tools they need to successfully lead others.

In an article about freelancers, the Wall Street Journal recently quoted Diane Mulachy, author of The Gig Economy. The article explores the needs of freelance workers and apps that can help streamline their business.

Valuable advice and great tips from author of The Membership Economy, Robbie Kellman Baxter, on how to give the right feedback, and how to get it, too.

By bringing the right intention, guidance, and understanding, a good facilitator can add great value to a meeting or event, whereas a bad one can trainwreck the process. Guillermo Herbozo offers key tips on how to perform like the former.

David Martínez de Lecea explores the new frontier of fintech and the opportunities it can bring.

Many thanks to David A. Fields for this article on gratitude and how this practice is an asset in business.

For all those you know who may be considering business school, Paul Millerd offers six reasons to go and one big caveat that may help readers make the final decision.