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Marcus Sanford helps your company’s marketing in 2023 with these insights into multi-stage retargeting campaigns based on landing page interactions.

Peter Sackleh shares a concise post that identifies three root causes of poor productivity.

Krishnan Rajagopalan shares an article that identifies best practices to ensure sourcing and outsourcing are strategic levers for competitive advantage.

Jonathan Newberry shares a story of collaboration, co-creation and community in a co-lab sprint. An event that brings together intensely smart and passionate people from different fields, with the goal of solving systemic problems.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler shares a video where he talks about the Inflation Reduction Act enticing major investments in U.S. solar plants.

In this article published in Forbes, Krishna Kutty shares 13 techniques to maintain productivity and work-life balance.

Alex Lanz provides a thoughtful post that explains how Plato’s philosophy may help to develop better relationships.

 Matthew Hopkins offers solutions to manual storage with this article on warehouse automation. 

Akshay Taneja shares an article that explains how to sell consulting services by mastering these four systems.

Robert Briese shares a video meetup with Matthias Größler (a safety expert from @fsqexperts9848) and @konstantinribel (an agility expert) on why companies cannot be agile because they are building safety-relevant products.