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What should you do when you have good people in the wrong position or the wrong people in a good position? When executive coaching reveals an employee is under performing, Ben Dattner and Elizabeth Wood offer a few solutions to this common problem.

David A. Fields illustrates a common marketing mistake many consulting companies make and offers an example on how to show that the proof is in the pudding.

Will Bachman‘s podcast, Unleashed – How to Thrive as an Independent Professional was recently included in a list of the “best business podcasts for independent consultants.”  Check out the full list here  

In an article published on Youngupstarts, Robbie Kellman Baxter provides examples of successful subscription based companies to find out what has made them succeed in this competitive market.

Great talk from Kaihan Krippendorff on how to think creatively with examples from leaders who break through barriers.

This week’s guests on Soyini Coke’s CEO Exclusive have been on the Inc. 5000 or 500 five times in the last eight years, maintaining at least 30% growth each year. This podcast focuses on the strategy and cultural practices used to achieve such extraordinary (and consistent) growth.  

Globalization has already entered your back yard. So the question is likely not if or when, but where and how you should enter the international marketplace. André van Regenmortel provides valuable information on why, where, and how you should go into emerging markets.

Paul Millerd provides a practical six-step approach to solving problem

Peet van Biljon recently launched a book he co-authored with James C. Sprouse. The book Profit with a Higher Purpose – a Christian Guide to Business Leadership is now available on Amazon.

Today’s culture measures personal success in terms of professional status and financial gain. Unfortunately, the drive for success can lead to stress and burnout, which can hinder progress. From the Burnie Group a useful at-a-glance infographic to catch the signs before the fall.