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This company article from Simon Tonat explains why it is so important to stay on the cutting edge of service, why it’s difficult to do so, and the problems that arise when you don’t. 

Thomas Storteboom shares the problem with ideas that are too big or too small and offers insight into the idea size sweet spot. 

In this useful article, Lilian Raji explains how you can save your money and build your own relationships with the press to get the coverage you need. 

Brian Manning shares an articles that explains the benefits of creating a digital center of excellence within your organization.

If it’s Thursday, it’s time for a few thoughts from Tim Kist. This week, he shares a short case study designed to question your focus on the product and service that you create and deliver to your customers.

Angelo Kehayas shares an article that explains when a chief finance officer should take a CEO position.

Anirban Bhattacharyya shares a story of local adaptation and how glocalization from within stands the risk of losing local identity.

In this article, Agnes Jany explains why agile organizations should be able to provide proof of their agility to attract top talent.

This article from Miguel Guevara explains how leadership enablement is the key to successful initiatives.

Mark Goloboy shares an article  on product led growth metrics and the results recognized from trials to sales conversion.