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In this article, Brian Hall explains how multi-year renewal options fit into your SaaS growth strategy.

Jennifer Fondrevay shares valuable insights for leaders and their teams considering a merger or acquisition, emphasizing the importance of respect for the other company and one direction to place focus.

In this video, Rania Adwan talks to Harvard Law School Professor David Kennedy and PwC Managing Editor for Resilience about the importance of integrity in building a resilient organization.

In this article, Adrienne Ramsay asks if your investments are creating the value you expected and offers a few thoughts on mergers and acquisitions.

Valerie Markbreiter draws from Jean de La Fontaine’s fable the Wolf and the Dog to help identify similar traits in the entrepreneur.

In this article, Alex Papageorgiou shares the secrets to building brand authority and getting published in Business Insider, Entrepreneur and HBR — without a PR agency.

In this article, Michael R. Fernandes identifies seven challenges that can hinder an organization’s ability to learn, and, consequently, gain the competitive advantage.

Janice Burg-Levi shares an episode from her podcast It’s Great Business. In this episode, she interviews Bob Goodwin, founder of Career Club, an organization that helps people who are in job transition.

Laura Nguyen shares key SEO tips including three important elements in SERP rankings.

Mark Ball shares a company post that identifies red flags in IT spend.