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 Matthew Hopkins offers solutions to manual storage with this article on warehouse automation. 

Akshay Taneja shares an article that explains how to sell consulting services by mastering these four systems.

Robert Briese shares a video meetup with Matthias Größler (a safety expert from @fsqexperts9848) and @konstantinribel (an agility expert) on why companies cannot be agile because they are building safety-relevant products.

In this informative article, Dan Balcauski offers advice on how to approach pricing during inflation to ensure you don’t go broke.

Lauren Hisey shares an article that identifies five issues with implementing AI too fast.

Diane Gordon shares a timeless article on common sense and customer care and how to follow through on expectations.

In this article, Christos Christou examines the fundamentals of Corporate Governance and how they apply in a family business setting.      

Christopher Davis shares an article on inventory overload, preserving cash, and supply chains reacting to the changing global economy.

Richard Beal shares an article that identifies the two essential transferable skills every professional needs to acquire.

In this article, Dean Blomson questions the necessity of agile boards, whether this is a desirable and achievable option, and how it becomes agile.