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Balaji Ramakrishnan shares an article on the importance of supplier relationship maintenance and why doing so will benefit the company during times of crises.

Yoke Wong shares insights from the Food and Beverage industry on the beverage trends of 2022, including what’s hot, what’s pot, and what’s new in health and performance products.

In this article, Andrea Schnepf explains why essential process and governance actions unlock greater business value from digital transformation.

John Downey shares an article designed to help uplift a business that is moving in a downward trajectory.

David Davidovic shares an article on trust-based marketing leadership that explores what senior leaders should be focusing on during brand plan reviews.

Marcel Barrera shares a case study on how his company helped a client who was facing increased contact demand, decreased CSAT, and negative sentiment being socialized online.

Robert Ancill shares the latest trends in sustainability when it comes to the interior design of restaurants.

This article from Cesar Viana Teague identifies the benefits diversity, equity, and inclusion creates within a company culture and offers solutions to workplace diversity-related challenges.

Andriy Panasenko shares a case study on Nomad Foods, Europe’s leading frozen food company and one of the largest in the world, and how his consulting company rolled out a zero-based budgeting approach.

In this article from David Newman, the role of the ego in marketing is under scrutiny.