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Natalie Bagnall shares an article that explores a common problem and offers a solution to the agonizing art of selling. 

Pradyumna Nag provides valuable and concise insights on valuation to help businesses look at using valuation as a hard-hitting strategic tool.

COVID may be on the wane but disruption is here to stay, for a while, anyway. Luckily, Ramakrishna Movva shares his thoughts on strategies and core competencies in an age of disruption.

In a world where ‘disruption’, ‘agile’, and ‘transformation’ are business buzzwords, Robert Caldera’s post on the benefits of an adaptive mindset is timely, and, perhaps, timeless.

Tonushree Mondal provides an article published in Forbes that identifies three strategies to leverage skills as the new currency to create organizational agility.

In this article, Ben Marandi explains why France is a leading country in food waste reduction.

Elena Lipson shares sage advice for all women, and men, who want to be a little more badass and step up their impact at work.

Graham Leary shares an article on change management and how to avoid being “swallowed” by resistance.

Sandip Lalli shares an evergreen post on the importance of embracing diversity of thought and how to embrace those differences is a key concern facing society and organizations in today’s marketplace.

In this article, Mike Kendall highlights some specific ways and examples to ensure your organization is ready to thrive in the new customer-driven economy.