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Sundar Nagarajan shares an article on a few paradigm shifts impacting businesses and how they impact digital transformation.

Tony Martignetti shares why the secret to success is systems.

In this article, Annette Herz interviews Cindy Hale, strategic thought leader and marketing professional in the senior living and wellness sectors, about how to market to different audiences, what changes she sees on the horizon for mental health, and what consumer insights will impact seniors in the coming years as they increasingly “age in place”.

Jessica Crow shares a post that explores what being a compassionate change leader actually means.

Marcel Barrera shares a case study on how his company helped a client who was facing increased contact demand, decreased CSAT, and negative sentiment being socialized online.

Robert Ancil shares the latest trends in sustainability when it comes to the interior design of restaurants.

This article from Cesar Viana Teague identifies the benefits diversity, equity, and inclusion creates within a company culture and offers solutions to workplace diversity-related challenges.

Joonki Song shares an uplifting article on the art of humor and lightness.

In this article, Michael MacIsaac reflects on the recent layoffs in IT and speculates on the job market in 2023.

Hector Barresi shares a company post that identifies common mistakes that cause the failure of an acquisition.