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Robert Hopp shares a white paper designed to give you an understanding of what Entropositive is, its principles, and a deeper understanding of entropy itself.

Arun Giddu shares a series of informative videos on Supply Chain and Systems. This episode explains how to maximize ROI when implementing supply chain systems.

Maria Balcazar Tellez shares a case study from Plant Futures Initiative that explores educating for a sustainable, plant-based food future.  

Dianne Young shares an article on the basics of goal setting and identifying what’s important in Your life.

Sebastian Vetter shares an article that identifies successful innovation patterns for a crisis.

In this article, Lynda Ferrari identifies a few common triggers that might suggest you need to look at repositioning your brand.

Lauren Spagnola-Robins shares an article published in Forbes that offers tips for women to be seen, heard, and respected in the boardroom.

Joseph Putnik shares an article that takes a look at the growing relationship of data science and healthcare.

Mary Patry shares a podcast on the Executive presence of a CIO.

In this article, Emilia Henriksson explains key steps on becoming a proactive, effective project board manager.