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In this article, Christoph Schmaltz shares a useful knowledge management framework.

Elise Olding shares a model and advice for leaders on how to lead effectively during times of uncertainty.

Mathieu Gosselin shares an article on the emergent risks to workplace safety as a result of IT connections of and between work equipment and explains how The Internet of Things is creating complex connectivity between systems and processes.

Daniel Lucas shares an article that explores the IT governance maturity gap in private equity.

Finding the work/life balance is not always easy, but this article from Anand Sundararajan explores how companies can help employees manage productivity and well-being to avoid burnout.

In this article, Nikolay Sudarikov explains why quarterly capitalism slows innovation down.

Jennifer Borrero shares a post on how COVID-19 and Gen Z will change the workforce as we know it.

Mark Kilian offers a “food for thought” post that may inspire an innovative approach to your employee rewards system.

Thinking about adding virtual reality to your storytelling projects? Check out this behind-the-scenes video of the documentary Under the Canopy, a 360-degree virtual reality view of the Amazon by producer Gloria Bradbury. Not interested in virtual reality storytelling? Check out it anyway, it’s a chance to see a little of the Amazon.

Raj Adhav shares an article that makes understanding augmented reality technology easy. Check out his Guide to Augmented Reality.