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Felix Röscheisen shares a post from his company’s blog on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which explores the future of art in NFTs and other conceivable uses. 

Ashwin Abhyankar shares a post that offers a better understanding of risk management for both banks and consumers.

Haseeb Chowdhry shares a post on the application of AI in accounting and finance.

Greg Solomon shares an article that teaches you the most effective way to explain things – a very powerful skill for consultants.

In this article, Karen Thomas-Bland explains how CEOs think about transformation.

Valerie Hoskins explains scrumish and how to successfully transition to an agile organization.

Yuri Kruman shares the eight steps fortune 500 HR leaders must take to embrace the employee experience.

Victor Bullara explains why employee engagement wastes trillions and identifies the many reasons for this nearly 20 year waste of money.

Bruno Iambrenghi shares a post from his company’s blog that explains how to distinguish “sell-with” from “sell-thru” partners and align your strategy with your sales channels.

Carl Ballot shares an all-too-familiar story about a  consumer experience consultant and a marketing and communications strategist having coffee and how their experience fell apart over a request for chips.