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Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich shares an episode from her podcast series Get a Clu: stories of business. In this episode, the focus is on managing middle managers.

In this post, Leslie Venetz shares what she has learned after 1000 days of posts on LinkedIn.   Access the full post on LinkedIn.

In this article published on Forbes, Andrew Pek explores the future role of the chief innovation officer.

In this post from Patsy Doerr, she shares a conversation with Eleven Canterbury Relationship Manager Dan Martin on DEI.   Access the post on LinkedIn

Kylie van Luyn shares an article published in Choices magazine that explores how to achieve sustainable growth and face challenges with resilience.

Konstantin Tskhay shares a link to a free course on the essentials of people analytics, how to solve HR challenges using data, and gain insights through diverse case studies.

In this article, Amaury Chardon identifies challenges you may face when trying to deploy your digital platform internationally and best practices you can employ to deploy it successfully.

In this article, Mindy Anderson explains the advantages of hiring a fractional CMO for companies that want to scale.

Christos Christou shares a white paper that considers the function of a Board of Directors and examines the nature of the materials it needs to receive in order to discharge its duties and responsibilities.

In this podcast, Andree Bates speaks with Piet Buyck, CEO and founder of Garvis AI, who talks about how the company’s AI system provides significantly more accurate demand forecasting for pharmaceutical companies.