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Matthew Stegmeier shares a company post and case study on standardizing remote work and a return to the office strategy.   Access the case study, Standardizing Remote Work & Return to Office (RTO) Strategy – Case Study – Lincoln Electric, on

Mary Beth Snodgrass shares an article based on a collaborative study by MIT Sloan Management Review with the Boston Consulting Group and the UN Global Compact that explores what prevents the oil and gas industry from collaborating more. Read the full article, Why doesn’t the O&G industry collaborate more?, on LinkedIn.

Cassandra Patrovani shares a post that identifies the biggest HR trends of 2022.   Read the full article, What is Going to be the Biggest HR Trend in 2022, on

Leo Fassbender shares an article on how to write an engaging change story and take it from good to great.

Wogbe Ofori shares the first in a series of articles that have been developed to help you hire the right people at the right time and in context of the right culture.

In this article, Karen Thomas-Bland outlines how finance leaders should map their buy and build strategies to avoid a maturity gap too wide to close.

In this post, Kapil Nagpal shares expertise in project management and explains three reasons why projects fail.

In this post, Sheyi Lisk-Carew explains how to speed the energy transition to Net Zero carbon.

Natalie Bagnall shares an article that explores a common problem and offers a solution to the agonizing art of selling.

Pradyumna Nag provides valuable and concise insights on valuation to help businesses look at using valuation as a hard-hitting strategic tool.