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Laura Hamill shares the latest episode from the podcast series Happy at Work. In this episode, the topic is Compassion is Action-Oriented, and the interviewee is Sam Willing, SVP of People and Culture at Neoleukin Therapeutics.

Daniel Elizalde shares an article that explains what enterprise software is, what an enterprise customer is, and the three categories of people involved in the enterprise product lifecycle.

Vivek Bhatia shares tips he’s used to move through a full request for information (RFI) with 12 vendors, and issue a full request for proposal (RFP), select a winner and backup, and negotiate a contract in under 100 days.

TAGS: Proposals, RFI, RFP

If you are looking for insight into using a project portfolio management (PPM) system, Rod Bennett shares a useful article that offers information.

Malcolm Bartlett shares an article that identifies the importance of core values in a business world that is driven by commoditization, globalization, and technological innovation.

Hallie Bregman shares an article that explains how to include diversity in your people analytics organization.

As COVID-19 and various off-shoot viruses plague the planet, Amit Patel shares an article that explores whether the “new normal” is currently underway or still TBD.

Chitranjan Sood shares an article that explains how the restaurant industry can regain lost ground after COVID-19.

Rod Cherkas shares a short overview of the 7 components of the post-scale SCALING ™ framework.

Deb Coviello shares an article that identifies the number one strategy that may be sabotaging your career and what you can do about it.