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Friska Wirya identifies two things that cause 80 percent of change failures.

Andrew Naperotic shares a downloadable PDF Business Continuity Plan (BCP) implementation for enterprise-wide project remediation based on regulatory need.

In this post, Emily Carr asks if you are leader enough to be the first follower and explains the benefits involved.

Carolina Miranda shares a case study on a ubiquitous household product that can be made sustainably, economically, and profitably.

David Zhao explains how to understand and calculate lift and effect size for better marketing results.

Brad VanAuken provides common-sense marketing advice for startups.

In this post, Brad Hollingsworth identifies three tools that can help lead to change and improve impact.

Anuj Sharma shares an article on supply chain segmentation that focuses on aligning channel demand and supply response capabilities.

Hüseyin Karagül shares his understanding of ways to handle any type of risk especially from the perspective of a risk manager at a company setting regardless of the size, geography, industry criteria.

Chad Fooshee shares an article that identifies actionable steps for banks to take advantage of risks and opportunities