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Hüseyin Karagül shares his understanding of ways to handle any type of risk especially from the perspective of a risk manager at a company setting regardless of the size, geography, industry criteria.

Chad Fooshee shares an article that identifies actionable steps for banks to take advantage of risks and opportunities

Sourav Raina provides a case study on the Indian Dairy Market with the objective of developing a thorough understanding of dairy market in India, identifying underlying opportunities in the premium segment and developing go-to-market strategy.

Michael Koved provides a 3-step process that helps clients move from recovery to resurgence with digital transformation.

Lee Nyari shares a blog entry on pricing that illustrates the strengths and limitations of the “charge higher at smaller accounts” pricing strategies.

Matthew Ley shares an article that uses an analogy of hashtag use to identify three areas of difference: (1) data versus information, (2) scene versus narrative, and (3) subjective versus objective.

Tim Di Guiseppe draws attention to a potential issue government contractors may face in the near future and steps that should be taken to deal with it.

Gleb Tsipursky shares an article designed to facilitate a high level of effectiveness and productivity for a hybrid workforce.

Lizette Robbertze shares a detailed series of posts that provide practical and useful steps to ensure a successful digital transformation. 

As a small company entrepreneur, should you focus on value creation or achieving quick results? In this post, Vincent Chun addresses the question.