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One year later, Ellen Beth Levitt identifies the ongoing challenges for health care communicators as a new normal emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

Ted Grozier shares a company blog that explains how apparel companies win by shifting their focus from success on the catwalk to ESG leadership.

Edwina Pike explains why we should take note of the fact that history plays an important part in the perceptions we have about change and the assumptions we make, at an individual and organisational level.

Daniel Small shares a video on using Lean Six Sigma principles to analyze labor productivity and factory process data to help modular construction clients improve their efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Rick Watson shares his latest podcast from Watson Weekly. This week’s topics are: Shopify invests in marketing provider Yotpo Top Amazon seller Packable looks to go public via reverse merger Are Walmart and Target the biggest beneficiaries of the decline of malls in America? Intuit’s acquisition of marketing provider Mailchimp continues its move into eCommerce

Dion F. Lisle explains why small-to-medium businesses are not vertical and what banks should do to help them.

Ralph Asher shares a post on supply chain design using R: unconstrained warehouse/customer alignment.

Thomas Martin provides an article on the evolution of the agile movement from software development projects to business agility.

In this article, Yuri Kruman provides ten ways to rebuild HR to support fast growth and happy employees.