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In the wake of the news about the unmarked and unknown mass burials of children at residential schools, Amanda Wright shares a post that identifies key steps you can take to address racism towards indigenous people who survived, or whose families survived, residential schools in Canada.

Adrienne Ostroff provides a post that shares personal experiences and how that translates to her business as an actuary.

Alexis Neal shares an article that identifies the benefits conversational commerce could have for your business.

  In this article published in Forbes, Tonushree Mondal shares three strategies to leverage skills in your workforce that will help your organisation weave agility into the culture.

When it comes to improving diversity and inclusion tactics, sometimes, even the best intentions go awry. Valerie Hoskins identifies what to avoid and how to proceed when leading diversity and inclusion efforts.

  Shelly Goldberg’s company, Muck Rack, surveyed more than 1,600 PR professionals to gain valuable insights into the world of PR in 2021. She shares the results in this post.

In this article, Ben Neivert addresses three critical concepts for leading a team, group, or enterprise: ownership, leadership, and management.

  Alexis Neal shares a post that explains why many CEOs focus on customer experience and how they measure the impact.

  Amit Patel identifies the need for business leaders to move forward with purpose on equitable, social, and environmental issues as an integral component of decision making.  

  In this post from Jay Kalawar, he shares the key elements in building a stable strategic frame for your business that will help ensure success in the post Brexit world.