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In this article from Emily Carr, she explains why having a strong Change Management approach is more important than ever to motivate people to move forward toward the “new cheese”.

In this podcast from Elliott Holland, he explains why buying and selling companies is a barbaric sport.

Barry Witonsky provides an article that outlines four steps that add up to seven percent growth.

Amit Patel shares a post that identifies a strategy undertaken by top companies to ensure they maintain their position. 

Barbara Carkenord addresses the excuses made to avoid tracking time and identifies the benefits of doing it.

Edwina Pike shares a post on the impact of leaders, the importance of conviction, and simplifying your messages.

Dan Seewald generously and eloquently shares a memory about the cabinet of curiosities and provides a remedy for ennui.

In this article, Dave Stark explains how modern financial planning or CPM solutions is the key to improving financial consolidation and reporting.

In the wake of the news about the unmarked and unknown mass burials of children at residential schools, Amanda Wright shares a post that identifies key steps you can take to address racism towards indigenous people who survived, or whose families survived, residential schools in Canada.

Adrienne Ostroff provides a post that shares personal experiences and how that translates to her business as an actuary.