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  Brad VanAuken has created a course that will teach you how to create a strategic and actionable brand plan. It includes a brand plan template, and possible brand objectives, strategies, and tactics.

  Amanda Wright takes on the difficult topic of women in consulting and sexual harassment; she candidly shares a personal story to highlight how this issue can be even more difficult for self-employed women.

  In this article for Forbes, Lauren Spagnola-Robins identifies six steps you can take to deploy diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives without stretching your budget.

  Saumya Ganguly provides an article that explains how to find all the hidden assumptions that will crash a business.

  In this podcast, Dan Balcauski talks about starting his company, Product Tranquility, and some of the unique challenges that B2B SaaS companies face right now.

  Chris Joyner shares the first video post in a series of four on essential leadership principles for recognizing and addressing victim mentality.

  Abhishek Singh provides a guide to help management consultants develop their unique value proposition.

  Coonoor Behal shares a post from her company’s website on how an abundance mindset will make your team more collaborative and innovative by reframing challenges as opportunities and limitations as possibilities.

  Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article in CEO business magazine that identifies the danger of anchoring your business to the wrong data, and what you can do to move forward.

  Geert Van der Elst shares a post that identifies the key traits and talents of an expert and how to make your expertise count.