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  Addressing systemic racism is easier said than done, however, in this article, Carolina Miranda explains how to move from words to action.

  Feeling overwhelmed, understaffed, and short on time? Crystal Richards has published a helpful post on how to meet tight deadlines.

  David Stowe provides an article on the IPO (initial public offering) process; specifically, in the biopharma industry.

  Amanda Wright shares an informative article that compares a consulting salary to solo consulting earnings.

  Chris Joyner shares  the 4th and final video in the Dead Right series. In this video he identifies the difference between buy-In and ownership and explains how to create ownership in your organization.

  David Munves shares a comprehensive article that explains how to use strategic content appropriate for each stage of the sales cycle, and shows the role strategic content plays in getting prospects into a vendor’s pipeline.

  Edwina Pike shares a useful article of links, advice, and information on virtual working and cognitive biases.

  Marcy Strauss Axelrod explains why it is necessary, and even more important in today’s current climate, to look outward in order to thrive.

  Dan Balcauski identifies nine common mistakes businesses make when developing their churn rate formulas.

  In this interview on The Way We Lead, Dalia Katan shares practical research-based tips for creating workplace environments that can reduce prejudice and improve social cohesion across gender, race, ethnicity, and political ideologies.