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  Clara Chorley defines ‘scrappy’ in a positive light and explains how it could be a good tactic to employ. Read the full article, How Getting Scrappy Gets Everything You Want, on

  From Yusuf Moolla’s company blog, a post that asks “Is big data more valuable than smaller data?” and explains five ways to extract value from data. Read the full article, Small datasets for audits: 5 ways to extract value, on

  Barbara Carkenord provides a few key factors to help you be more efficient, effective, and easy to work with, which ultimately sets you on the path to a successful career. Read the full post, Make it Easy for People to Work with You, on

  Brian Sheahen shares a timely post on what those concerned can do with their concentrated stock position.

  For managers who want to help his or her team improve their performance, Braden W. Weinstock shares a post that explains how to conduct effective one-on-ones.

  Sadly, Gleb Tsipursky’s prediction in this white paper about the serious risk of the new COVID strains for Q2 2021 has been borne out. In his most recent article, he explains why we misjudge the risks of the new strains.

  Eva Oloumi shares key principles that can help you find focus amidst chaos and create impact when you are overwhelmed.

  Amanda Wright provides five steps you can take to improve your proposals.

  Betty Ng shares an interview with Jene’ Elzie, Chief Growth Officer at Athletes First Partners, where they discuss the Present Paradigm.

  Bjorn Willemsens shares a white paper from his company that offers a roadmap to pricing excellence.