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  Scott Span shares valuable advice on how to change a toxic workplace into one a high performance culture.

  In this post, Livia Jenvey shares the important points to consider when formulating an exit plan with the goal of achieving high financial gains.

  Anuj Sharma explains why reverse logistics is a valuable metric to measure and use when examining the global supply chain.

  Abhishek Singh shares a guide on technology consulting and how it can help businesses find ways to optimize technology to improve their business.

  Laura Little explains how the “Slinky effect” can help social business leaders see new opportunities in how they address business challenges by re-imagining the business model.

  Gleb Tsipursky shares an article that explains how to plan, implement, and describe how a strategic pivot will help companies adapt to and deal with COVID.

  Kelly Haggerty has identified the do’s and don’ts of synergy measurement to help companies ascertain strengths and weaknesses in their overall M&A approach for use on future deals.

  Chris Joyner shares an article that identifies the five high-level outcomes to expect from leadership development.

  Livia Jenvey provides a post for leaders that highlights the need for emotional intelligence(EQ) to achieve higher performance in the workplace and identifies how to improve it through four core EQ skills.

  The pursuit of better performance from employees is an ongoing endeavour, Len Nanjad shares an article that identifies ten critical people management accountabilities to enable your people to hit company targets.