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  In this article co-authored by Dave Stowe and Anna McGovern, they identify four vital elements of a supply risk plan that should be reviewed and revised throughout the year to ensure a company can survive and thrive in a crisis.

  Dave Stark shares an article that explains why the current pandemic will accelerate digital transformation and outlines the ways companies can leverage and benefit from it.

  Rachel Dreyfus surveyed 75 global senior leaders from her company’s client base to measure the extent of the leadership shifts during the current pandemic and to find out whether leaders had put formal practices in place to maintain the positive outcomes. She shares the results in this post. 

As brands expand into international markets, cross cultural communication barriers must be acknowledged and addressed. Lisa Bertelsen shares a few of her golden rules on how global qualitative research can help companies understand what is important when having conversations with consumers across the globe.

  In an age that increasingly calls for authenticity, Norman Chorn explains why leaders should not rely on their natural instincts during times of uncertainty.

  The current pandemic has seriously affected many businesses and a solid recovery plan is needed to help companies assess the impact and develop a strategy to move forward. Catherine Saul shares an article that covers the stages of emergency management and identifies the mistakes that should be avoided. 

  While waiting for business in their consulting firm to normalize, Vinay Gupta and Vanina Schick  funneled their creative energies into a “side hustle” and launched a new business: An online coffee shopping and subscription-based business venture. To learn more about or to order your first bag of beans, visit Take advantage […]

  Michael de la Maza shares an article co-authored with Cherie Silas on the importance of psychological safety in the team environment, and how to build it.

  Lemon C. Williams has recently published a book on compliance documentation. The book is a must-have guide that provides the basic concepts and elements of strong, clear, enforceable foundational compliance documentation.

  Alan Walker shares the findings from a survey of insurers’ changing priorities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.