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Merrill Albert shares an article on different disciplines of data management and a few stories indicating you might have a data management problem.

In this post, Wouter Deelman asks VC’s if they’d invest in this AI startup.

Musa Hanhan explores how generative ai will impact customer experience.

Matt Nitowski explains what the superfan spectrum is and why it fosters deep engagement and unwavering loyalty.

Chris Webber shares an invitation to a webinar that explores the implication of disruptions in the industrial sector and their impact on related ecosystems and strategic partnerships. In addition, we will discuss the challenges as well as the best practices to address them. Panel: Chris Webber, Co-founder AEA, Eva Schoenleitner, Co-founder and CEO, Stratoza, and […]

In this article, Aaron Pearson explains why storytelling is the secret ingredient in tech marketing.

In this article, Glen Sloutsky explains what creates a barrier to innovation and growth and is a source of competitive disadvantage when redesigning organizational structure.

Anna-Lena Höcker shares insights and expertise on responsible design.    

Ian Smith emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions and provides 50 right questions for every management team trying to scale a private company.

In this article, Michael Martin explains why you’re still doing meetings wrong and offers more ways to make them effective.