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  Marcy Strauss Axelrod explains why it is necessary, and even more important in today’s current climate, to look outward in order to thrive.

  Dan Balcauski identifies nine common mistakes businesses make when developing their churn rate formulas.

  In this interview on The Way We Lead, Dalia Katan shares practical research-based tips for creating workplace environments that can reduce prejudice and improve social cohesion across gender, race, ethnicity, and political ideologies.

In this post, David Munves explains how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformations, which has created opportunities for the vendors of new B2B technology solutions, and how these solutions offer benefits that frequently align with newer, Covid-driven priorities.

  Is an election disaster on your mind? Fear not, Gleb Tsipursky recently had an article published in Inc Magazine on how leaders can prepare for election disaster risk.

  Catherine Saul provides a 10-point checklist to help ensure you achieve merger integration successfully.

  In this post on renewable energy, Ali Ahmed identifies the risks driving the shift in energy production forward, and the one risk holding it back.

  Chris Joyner shares a concise and insightful video on the problems that arise when leaders consistently rely on their positional authority to manage their team.

  Dalia Katan shares the first post in a series of articles focussing on diversity and inclusion. Part one provides nine steps that can be taken to support inclusion, learning, and growth in the workplace.

  Clara Chorley shares an article that dives into the topic of depression in the workplace, how a toxic culture may be related to depression, and steps you can take to move on.