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  Liliana Petrova shares an article from a series on the trends and tactics of customer experience. This post takes a closer look at the patient experience and what telehealth means for the future.

  In this concisely helpful article, Livia Jenvey explains three ways to move your business forward in 2021.

  Vincent Chun explains how cognitive bias favors familiar tools and provides a few tips to overcome it in the workplace.

  David Munves shares an article on the signs that signal the peak of the credit cycle to determine if it has been reached or if it is on the horizon.

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  Rakesh Chaudhary shares an article that demonstrates how to make a slide demonstration unforgettable with before and after examples to illustrate how it can be achieved.

  Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article on Common Dreams that issues a timely warning on the new Covid-19 strain.

  With 2021 continuing the conversation on inclusion and diversity, Carolina Miranda shares an article that explains how companies can move from words to action to address systemic racism.