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Mike Boysen shares a series of posts on the use of marketing technology (Martech). The first in the series explores the expanding digital footprint and increasing stack of marketing technology tools and processes.

  This concise post from Ava S. Butler  identifies six characteristics of predictable surprises.

Yannick Schilly provides an interview with  Antonio Pagano, CEO of Modula Inc. where they discuss how Modula is navigating through the current COVID19 crisis and how as the Captain, Antonio is leading in the immediate emergency phase while also preparing Modula for the future.

Chris Joyner’s company blog explains what it takes to create a culture of healthy accountability and provides five key steps to help you build the strategies that hold employees accountable.

Brian Buss provides a post that explores brand valuation and how to identify the link between brand assets and profitability.

Brad VanAuken shares a poignant post on ethics and values in marketing and the role of the marketer in setting the boundaries of the promise.

  Mike Boysen shares an article that digs deep into the meaning of digital transformation to remind us of the more  important, underlying factors that are often overlooked.

Gleb Tsipursky identifies the potential disasters that can occur as a result of the transition for employees now working at home, and he shares a video and article on how to avoid them.

  Brian Sheahen provides an article that explores recent market volatility and shares his thoughts on how to maintain perspective in the face of recent sell-offs in global equity markets and alarmist headlines.

Bill Bigler shares expert insights gathered from 30 years in the field, witnessing what works to grow a for-profit firm’s valuation. In this article he focuses on valuation and stock prices during the current crisis.