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Keith McNulty shares a Flattening the Curve chart and identifies important criteria that indicate the quality of the chart that is necessary to ensure credibility and understanding.


Brian Sheahen writes about the impact of the Coronavirus on the stock market and provides advice on how to navigate through a bear market.

Kirk Andre provides information on research and development tax credits, including origin and background, tax credits and benefits, and common reasons companies mistakenly fail to claim the R&D tax credit.

Brad VanAuken explains what brands can do to engage customers and build brand loyalty during the current crisis.

In this post, Nick Bhavsar reviews acquiring new customers through a business-to-business marketing lens to develop a revenue funnel analysis model, which will help you reverse engineer your revenue targets into key performance indicators to promote products or services.

Tom Martin explains why agile transformation needs a bold and specific vision to deliver clarity and focus and guide the mind shift. He also provides a few key points that inform the definition of a bold vision for your insurance.

Do you want to increase sales, decrease expenses, improve operations or reduce attrition? Katie Swartz identifies the importance of measuring what you want to manage and provides four useful steps to identify what matters most in the area you are trying to improve.

Benjamin Neivert addresses security concerns, especially around attachments and links, and explains how a simple, inexpensive solution can alleviate concerns.

Ben Marandi shares a timeless post on the precautionary principle and its impact on international trade.

Ever had trouble communicating with the IT department? Is it time to learn the basics of Geek? Tom Cooper was interviewed on the Agile Amped podcast where he spoke about connecting with others as well as the Four Levels of Thinking as a Geek Leader.  Listen to the podcast, Tom Cooper’s “4 Levels of Thinking […]