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  Lea Macchiaroli provides a concise post that identifies how to thrive in a post pandemic business world by addressing key areas of change.

  Liliana Petrova provides a post that will walk you through the nuts and bolts of a customer experience strategy designed to improve the customer experience. 

  Monique Childress joined Christina Edwards, fundraising and branding expert and founder of Splendid Consulting, for an interview on Instagram. They discussed strategic planning, how to restructure your organization to meet your new priorities, and shared insights on how to make fundraising appeals without feeling guilty.

  Greg Calaman shares a Strategic Execution podcast where the topics covered include how to gauge whether or not a CEO has what it takes to successfully oversee a merger in an investor-driven company, the key characteristics investors and boards should be evaluating,  and the potential impact of failing to make a solid assessment early […]

  Lisa Bertelsen offers sage advice to start-up entrepreneurs that will help them perfect their pitch and sell their idea in a compelling way by understanding where they go wrong and how to build an emotional connection.

  Jay R. Weiser admits he made a mistake when working on a post that was designed to help you take stock of the Organizational Operating System and explains how he could have avoided the problem.  

  Juli Lassow shares an article that explains the two measurements of the Circular Economy: (1) the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI), and (2) the Linear Flow Index (LFI), and what she has learned about both.  

  Amit Patel shares a post and link to a white paper that identifies the challenges for the global value chain post COVID-19 and explores three key areas that need to be addressed in a post-pandemic business world, including reducing an over-reliance on China, reshoring, and digital transformation.   

  In this article co-authored by Dave Stowe and Anna McGovern, they identify four vital elements of a supply risk plan that should be reviewed and revised throughout the year to ensure a company can survive and thrive in a crisis.

  Dave Stark shares an article that explains why the current pandemic will accelerate digital transformation and outlines the ways companies can leverage and benefit from it.