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  Alan Walker shares the findings from a survey of insurers’ changing priorities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anuj Sharma offers a detailed framework that can be used to manage risk while transforming a supply chain to be more resilient and responsive.

  David Munves provides an article that explains how to use a sales pipeline as a blueprint for sales and content strategies, and identify qualifying prospects and implement strategic content to grow sales of B2B financial products.

Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article on that identifies why failures happen and what one can do to failure-proof an event.

In a recent podcast on Navigating the Rise, George Wu interviews Asian Creative Network (ACN) founder Han Ju Seo on the importance of narrative diversity in the Asian creatives community, and the difference in personalization when it comes to K-Pop and the American music industry.

Anna McGovern shares insight on how 3D printing will affect the supply chain and why it will have a transformational effect on manufacturing and logistics.

  Anna McGovern encourages procurement professionals to step forward and know the value of the services they offer during the current pandemic; she offers tips on how to benchmark, and how to advocate for a raise.

  Gleb Tsipursky tackles the issue of duality in the office in the form of optimism bias and pessimism bias and offers solutions on how to deal with and overcome these mental blindspots.

Chitranjan Sood explains how COVID-19 will cause the banking industry to undergo profound changes, including accelerated digital transformation and customer engagement.

  Alan Walker shares insights into the implications of COVID-19 on the insurance industry and provides questions senior insurance executives should be considering for the long and short term.