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Gleb Tsipursky identifies the potential disasters that can occur as a result of the transition for employees now working at home, and he shares a video and article on how to avoid them.

  Brian Sheahen provides an article that explores recent market volatility and shares his thoughts on how to maintain perspective in the face of recent sell-offs in global equity markets and alarmist headlines.

Bill Bigler shares expert insights gathered from 30 years in the field, witnessing what works to grow a for-profit firm’s valuation. In this article he focuses on valuation and stock prices during the current crisis.

Alan Walker provides a framework for change management and shares insights and information on the various approaches to change management, including understanding the basics and assuring success.

Carolina Miranda shares a complete guide on everything you need to know about B Corp certification for startups.

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  Saumya Ganguly provides a few tips on how to fund your growth plan, determine the type of funding you need, and how to hold a productive conversation with your banker. 

Lilliana Petrova bridges the divide of misunderstanding between laser thin margins and customer service and how hard public perception and  the Coronavirus is hitting the aviation industry.

Colin Taylor provides a white paper on how life sciences global supply chain executives can strengthen their operational capabilities to support strategic cost, adaptability, and speed goals.

In today’s disruptive environment, Elena Lipson shares four ways to silence your inner critic and get back on track.

Patrick Chance shares the first article in a series that explores the best practices and lessons learned in Account Portfolio Management Evaluation and Enhancement (APMEE). This week provides insight into the discovery and due diligence stage.