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Jeff Sipes explains why it is vital to have a process talk with middle management to help them understand the fundamentals of business process orientation and horizontal end-to-end focus.

Phillip J. Saweris discusses the numbers relating to acquisition vs. churn and explains the benefits of adopting a subscription mindset to help retain customers.

If you have recently acquired real estate as an investment, this article from Scott MacComb may provide a deeper understanding of the basic components of a real estate purchase price allocation (PPA).

Tom McGehee recently published the The Six Realities that Impact Every Conversation. This book is not about personalities, but rather the perspectives we bring to conversations or meetings. This book will help you identify the most common perspectives and use them to have productive conversations. It is also available on Amazon.

Tonushree Mondal explores the three realities facing the pharmaceutical industry today, including growth and change, which calls for scaling of talent processes at speed. She also provides several steps and missteps that can lead towards a business advantage or disadvantage.

Store closures have already exceeded the 2018 total; could Instagram be the disruptor behind the consumer departure from mall shopping? Kofi Ampadu takes a closer look at the consumer shift. 

Michael Ryan shares his expertise on cross functional collaboration in this timeless post that identifies how to connect the dots between cash flow and inventory.

How does culture impact the success of merger and acquisitions? And why do organizations still ignore culture’s significance or discuss it too late in the process.  Lisa Sprenkle Jones explains why and provides key points on how to align culture, structure, processes and strategy to ensure post merger success.

David Catzel explains why digitization is the most important mega trend influencing new private equity investments, and why they must fully digitalize to recognize and invest in companies with the greatest digital potential. 

Gary Chan provides a simplified, yet thorough introduction to machine learning that explains the difference between AI and machine learning, and how machine learning works. This video is tailored for IT professionals and does contain some math.