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  Norman Chorn moves beyond the common buzzwords comments about building a “strong”, “positive” or “enabling” culture to identify the four strategy archetypes supported by company culture, and how culture acts as a driver of organisational capability.

  David Munves discusses the effects of COVID-19 on the leveraged loan markets and identifies the risk to current valuations, including junk bonds and degrees of difference between long-term average default rates per rating category and large variations in default rates on a yearly basis.

  The digital age has disrupted processes, strategies, and operations in every department and position, including leadership. To identify new forms of leadership and how traditional approaches may still be appropriate, download this PDF on Leadership in a Digital Age from Norman Chorn.

  How is COVID-19 affecting food manufacturing and what risk management policies should they implement? Ben Marandi provides an article on effective virus risk management in food production and the opportunity to tune into his 90-minute webinar on the best risk management policies for food manufacturers and processes at this time of virus outbreak.

  Philip Watt explains why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms can reduce the customer to data, which leads to a disconnect between the customer and company employees. This article provides a way to think of the CRM as a central investment in improving customer experience by setting seven goals.

  Relying on ‘normal’ as a pattern from which all decisions are made can lead to the downfall of a business. Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article in CEOworld magazine that explains how normalcy bias led Boeing to crash into disaster.

  Tim Posselt uses bricks and mortar versus trees and forests to illustrate the operating paradigm that led to its competitive success in the last century and why new technologies are changing the paradigm to a more symbiotic ecosystem.

  Using examples of certain well-known brands to illustrate his point, Rick Denton reminds us that happiness may not be apparent on a resume or identified in an interview, but it is a key factor in maintaining a positive customer/brand relationship.

Chitranjan Sood explains why the asset management industry is ripe for blockchain intervention and how challenges across value chain can be addressed through blockchain.