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Building a diverse sales and marketing channel portfolio can help improve marketing results.  Philip J. Saweris provides a few key factors to take into consideration when determining what new channel you should create to help you achieve your desired growth.

Tara Kenyon discusses the shifting use of verbiage and explains how to maintain credibility with your use of language.

Maxine Matteo provides a post that explains how to think through problems efficiently, including how to solve major pain points and identify customer pain points.

Chris Joyner identifies the five most common reasons strategies fail.

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Liliana Petrova shares five things she learned about marketing and accounting in five months as an entrepreneur.

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Ryan Rogers explains why you need a great risk management policy and provides an approach to structuring a best of breed policy in addition to steps to guide the policy development process.

Livia Jenvey provides a guide to help leaders overcome resistance to change.

Kevin Keohane discusses the focus on purpose in brand development and management. He  moves beyond the obvious to identify why it is a powerful way to drive brand and business strategy.

For a wealth of information on process management, design, and improvement, explore these articles from James Michael Reames’ company.

A culture of innovation and creative minds is not enough to guarantee ideas that deliver value. Michel van Hove’s company blog provides five comprehensive steps that guide productive innovation management.