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Fernando Penteado identifies solid steps that can help improve your negotiation skills.

In this recent interview with Chicago Toy and Game Week, Leila Nosrati gives sound advice to inventors who are presenting new toy or game ideas.

Colin Taylor shares part 1 of a 3-part series that addresses cost reduction while driving new market growth.

Tune in to George Wu’s disruptive podcast and enjoy the conversation on managing dual cultural identity with Dan Matthews, partner/lead producer at international secret agents.

Michelle N. Moore explains the theory behind social presencing and why this type of social technology is part of a framework for learning, leading, innovating and profound systemic renewal that can help companies evolve and grow.

Dalia Katan shares her expertise on innovative strategies and how diversity and human connection can unlock untapped growth for organizations.

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Leila Nosrati draws attention to the problem of pitching a product to a potential licensee in today’s rapidly changing market and identifies a few key tips to ensure a successful pitch.

Christopher DiCenso’s podcast identifies the characteristics of effective key performance indicators (KPIs). Key points discussed include: leading vs lagging, simple vs complex, accountability, ownership, linked to goals and trending.


This comprehensive case study from Brian Buss’ company explains why leveraging brand assets properly and delivering on the company mission translates into brand equity, which leads to brand equity and brand valuation that captures the resulting return on investment.

Olivier Endelin identifies three levels of conflict that managers face and offers relational solutions to develop your leadership skills and overcome conflict.