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How does culture impact the success of merger and acquisitions? And why do organizations still ignore culture’s significance or discuss it too late in the process.  Lisa Sprenkle Jones explains why and provides key points on how to align culture, structure, processes and strategy to ensure post merger success.

David Catzel explains why digitization is the most important mega trend influencing new private equity investments, and why they must fully digitalize to recognize and invest in companies with the greatest digital potential. 

Gary Chan provides a simplified, yet thorough introduction to machine learning that explains the difference between AI and machine learning, and how machine learning works. This video is tailored for IT professionals and does contain some math.

Yannick Schilly discusses how the art and science of strategic change management fuels business transformation, and how this helps us as the future of everything is being re-designed and re-created.

Crystal J. Richards discovers the best practices of a project manager in life sciences in this interview with Tita Tavares, Director at the Washington, DC office of the Azzur Group.

Alan Walker provides the sixth in a series of posts that explains how robotic process automation (RPA) works within the insurance industry. The article includes key points that can help establish an effective insurance automation program.  


In response to the growing concern about food security, Ben Marandi has curated information he is compiling for a white paper into a series of articles on food waste reduction.

Ladd Muzzy identifies four key risk management factors that can be accomplished by an annual assessment process. 

In this video,  Mike Wittenstein chats with colleagues about how service providers must change to meet clients’ needs in a changing world. 

Akshat Prasad gets technical in this post about solving complex cybersecurity problems, and using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to deliver end-to-end security assurance process management, and security risk and compliance processes.