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Ali Ahmed identifies the key components of a successful sustainable program that keeps all stakeholders happy.

Going agile isn’t easy no matter how flexible your company. The organizational structure, level of regulation, and culture needs an integrated and hybrid approach. Vivek Bhatia provides a downloadable PDF and framework that can guide and help overcome the difficulties of integrating project and agile product management.

When building an organization, starting the right way is the key to success. Keith Downham provides the five core elements that establish a strong foundation.

Tana M. Session has identified 37 business leaders across various industries who are committed to creating workplaces in which every employee can thrive personally and professionally.

Mark Travis explains how blockchain may be the answer to managing and tracking the IP rights of designs in a 3D printing economy.

Paddy Padmanabhan identifies what the first-half performance of major global IT services firms tell us about the healthcare IT demand environment, and provides a downloadable, complete sixty-page report that is full of interactive charts, easy to consume data, and commentary.

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In this podcast, Jake Jorgovan interviews Pia Silva on the key to the success of her company, Badass Your Brand. Bonus badass branding tips included.

Milka Milliance identifies the double meaning of masks and the problem that can incur for authentic leadership.

Sam Chin provides a comprehensive series of videos that will help you define your business value by learning how to identify and measure your value proposition.

In the first in depth article of a two-part series, Bill Bigler tackles the Business Roundtable’s new statement of purpose of the corporation, which is primarily that shareholders are no longer the sole recipients of financial value created by publicly traded firms.