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An interesting article from Sam Chin that explains how the 3 key elements studied in process science can be used to analyze human and business processes, and when applied, how the principles of process science can improve performance and reducing waste.

Vivek Bhatia provides tips on how to quickly implement the technology needed to drive customer satisfaction and revenue.


Monique Childress explains why a strategic plan could make the difference between an organization struggling to sustain funds and one that finds success in fundraising.

 Transform forgettable slides into ones that will stick. Rakesh Chaudhary shares a valuable post that can help you identify the information in a presentation that grabs attention and resonates with the audience. 

An insightful article from Nita Sanger where she discusses how volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in today’s disruptive environment can present the opportunity to drive change and positively transform business.

And just for laughs, David Wertheimer shares a post with which many of us can commiserate.

Google implemented Project Oxygen in an effort to understand what makes a great manager great.  As a result, universal behaviours of great managers were discovered. Scott Span provides a quiz to test whether you have what it takes to be a great manager.

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Ron Cowan provides five actionable tips to help your company structure effective sales territories.

Jorge Faleiro explains the inner workings of trading bots.

The bathtub curve has been a longstanding measure of lifespan, and while it may be accurate for the entire system, it doesn’t apply to the lifespan of components within the system. Pete Hibbs explains why in detail and with examples.