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With the end of  GOT(or not) Ashley Prisant Lesko takes the dragon by the tail to identify four ways to you can prevent your department’s teams from indulging in competitive skullduggery.

A case study from Andrew Naperotic’s company identifies how they helped an international organization with the remediation of delivery practices across their Transformation initiative, which included a siloed delivery approach across all projects, teams losing direction and damage to Executive confidence.

Avoid these payroll fraud pitfalls and save money this summer with easy to implement tax tips from Ashraf Shihabi’s company.

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First published in The Hedonist, this article from Virgilia Virjoghe explores the partnership of art and technology in this interview with artist Marc Gumpinger.


Tony Benedict drills down on ‘thinking outside the box’ to determine if that also means changing your business model.

An insightful and useful post from Brian Sheahen on how to choose a trustee.

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If you are thinking about developing a strong marketing operations function, this post from Amanda Utz shares three steps to guide it successfully.

Dalia Katan shares a time management and productivity tool that helps expand and harness energy rather than relying on discipline alone to get things done.

Dwayne Coben provides key example questions that will help you gain clarity and understand if your current growth plans are reasonable and sustainable.

Soumya Chakraverty identifies several key factors that cause governance risk compliance (GRC) implementations to fail.