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Steve Mollen explains why change management is critical to the success of big data initiatives and how to maximize the efficacy of the change management strategy.

Jay R. Weiser discusses the long and short of strategy development in today’s rapidly changing, disruptive environment.

Eric Boromisa explains why good vision is only half the battle when beginning a startup.

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From Barry Robbins, an entertaining analogy that explains why progress is best measured in the rearview mirror.

Ashley Prisant Lesko identifies two types of talented key players on your team and offers actionable items to help manage and build a stronger team.

Keeping the accounts on the straight and narrow, Ashraf Shihabi provides the latest expert information on taxes including seven vacation costs that sneak up on you, and four key elements of great business books.

Brain Buss co-authored an article published in Attorney at Law that identifies the four factors used to determine whether a celebrity is a strong fit with a product and if the company has benefited financially from the celebrity’s social media posts. Brian will share his expertise on intellectual property at the Influencer Marketing Conference & […]

Katie Swartz provides four easy ways to understand what your competitors are doing and how your current and potential customers view them.

Jay Martin provides a value-added article that illustrates the economic worth of a good idea.

Dan Seewald shares insights gained from his first corporate restructuring experience and recommends three actions that can help restructure an organization, without sowing the seeds of corporate PTSD.