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Christopher DiCenso provides a free webinar from three industry experts that identifies the four crucial goals every shooting sports industry company should achieve.

Ashley Prisant Lesko provides five steps that can help you hold productive one-on-ones with both managers and employees and explains why these conversations are important to the success of your company.

Jay R. Weiser provides three valuable processes that can provide context and insight to help navigate today’s disruptive, uncertain, and unpredictable environment.

It can be difficult to achieve acceptance of change, but this article from Johannes Deltl shows how to inspire employees to influence the transformation of an organization.

Paul T. Rubens provides an overview of what the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) means for Vietnam and identifies the positive macro markers, and, most notably, real estate investments.

Steven Kenney addresses the disconnect between strategic foresight activities and the practical impact of those activities.

Pete Hibbs identifies the advantages, methodology, and process of starting an asset care process at a much earlier stage, as part of Early Equipment Management (EEM).

John Roberts provides three techniques to keep you and your team agile.

Fernando Penteado identifies solid steps that can help improve your negotiation skills.

In this recent interview with Chicago Toy and Game Week, Leila Nosrati gives sound advice to inventors who are presenting new toy or game ideas.