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Betty Ng interviews Helen Riley, CG+FO of Google X (Alphabet) on her personal ‘Po Ling’ moment and career path.

Jason Bovell’s company provides a comprehensive article on investment strategies.

Jeffrey MacIntyre explores the complexities of personalization and provides an extensive article that takes a look at notifications in two ways: as raw or cooked, to define patterns that can help you develop personalization strategies.

Lea Macchiaroli identifies the issue with lack of insight in leadership.

From Ron Cowan’s company blog, five tips to structuring effective sales territories.

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Rodrigo Ochoa shares six leadership principles according to Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric for 21 years.

An in-depth article from Jeffrey MacIntyre on best practices when developing a personalization strategy.

A marketing strategy needs a strong marketing operations process that can deploy the plan successfully. Amanda Utz shares three key considerations to keep in mind to establish a strong marketing operations foundation.

Jay R. Weiser shares an insightful article that highlights the importance of developing awareness of the disruptions around us and their implications.

Jeffrey MacIntyre discusses the dissenting arguments on personalization and highlights the pros over the cons.