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A timely post on leadership skills from Scott Span on how to be an effective leader with bonus tips from John Snow, who knows a bit more than nothing.

Diana Berman shares a short post on entertainment that successfully combines the art of storytelling with technology to enhance the viewer/user experience.

Len Nanjad shares a five-point design for getting more out of your investments in building better managers.

Tony Benedict shares key points from an article that provides insights into the order management cycle in healthcare and all businesses.

Scott Span explains why you should adopt agile project management to improve the successful delivery of project deliverables and ensure acceptance of new initiatives, and offers tips on how the implementation of an agile strategy.

Business Journal recently published this article from Chris Joyner that distinguishes the difference between technical and adaptive challenges, and why this is an important key to problem solving.

This article from Brian Buss’ company blog identifies why branding clarity is key to intellectual property (IP) valuation for mission-driven companies.  

Jeffrey Fidelman provides examples of due diligence and financial entanglements to consider when refinancing real estate.

Takeshi Yoshida shares timeless advice from a Confucius teaching.

Robert Terrin explains why it is so difficult to get started in cybersecurity.