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Dalia Katan shares a time management and productivity tool that helps expand and harness energy rather than relying on discipline alone to get things done.

Dwayne Coben provides key example questions that will help you gain clarity and understand if your current growth plans are reasonable and sustainable.

Soumya Chakraverty identifies several key factors that cause governance risk compliance (GRC) implementations to fail.


Jay Martin asks what role the government should play in regulating employment and provides ten key points with which you may or may not agree.

In this short and insightful video, Erica Warren shares where corporations go wrong in marketing, and why human-centered storytelling is the key to a successful campaign.

An instructional and inspirational article from Clara Chorley on how to make a plan when life throws you a curveball and your intuition is just not kicking in.

Dan Seewald provides a simple strategy to reduce information overload.

From Brian Buss’ company, a case study on the fair and reasonable value for the use of a celebrity’s name and photograph in a marketing campaign.

This article from Brian Sheahen’s company blog explains the differences between exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds and why the individual investor should take the time to understand the difference.

Brian Buss is a speaker at the Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA on July, 9-11. This is a 3-day networking and educational event for social media influencers, brands, digital marketers dedicated to influencer marketing.