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Do you have a strategy to change your job? If not, take a look at Clara Chorley’s article that identifies three stages to help you prepare, take action, and get results.

Dan Seewald compares the story of his grandfather’s rise and fall during the Great Depression with today’s disruption in industry to identify the one key skill that is needed to succeed.

It is difficult to hold people accountable, but Chris Joyner provides five steps you can take to create a healthy culture of accountability.

Cynthia Smith posts the numbers from a 2018 poll that asked customers to rank how they preferred to get customer service, and why supporting social is a must for business.

Check out this case study from Anna Olecka’s company that shows a 400% lift in targeting up-sell model for customers of a Regional Bank, enabled 34% increase in the High Value customers’ portfolio and generated incremental revenue of $585 K annually.

Steve Mollen explains why change management is critical to the success of big data initiatives and how to maximize the efficacy of the change management strategy.

Jay R. Weiser discusses the long and short of strategy development in today’s rapidly changing, disruptive environment.

Eric Boromisa explains why good vision is only half the battle when beginning a startup.

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From Barry Robbins, an entertaining analogy that explains why progress is best measured in the rearview mirror.

Ashley Prisant Lesko identifies two types of talented key players on your team and offers actionable items to help manage and build a stronger team.