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Jason Bovell provides a valuable resource on tax tips including four tax deductions that disappeared in 2018, and the small business health care credit.

Jay Martin provides best practices on how to make positive and effective introductions and connections via email.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study on increasing productivity in healthcare insurance claim processing across 46 sites.

Eric Boromisa explains why small is the new big when it comes to innovation.

A detailed post from Doug McDavid where he shares insights on the causal texture of organizational environments to help navigate and manage incoherence.

Vidia Ramdeen shares a detailed and informative slideshare on the Wolfson Economics Prize on the best way to manage the economic process and ensure the future growth and prosperity of current membership, if a member state leaves the Economic Monetary Union.

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If you are struggling with employee performance, customer complaints, and delivery deadlines, Stephanie Palzkill offers key insights into key growth influencers in the first post of this three-part series.

In this comprehensive whitepaper, Frank Lacey states and explains why default service prices have been wrong for two decades.

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In this short, concise post, and the first of a three-part series, Leon Hassid shares tips and advice from his working visa and green card journey.

Brad Holbrook provides a one-minute read, and one simple practice to make your workplace, and the world in general, a better place.