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Jason Bovell provides expert advice on U.S. tax strategies for individuals.

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From this report on European millennials’ spending habits, Nik Kumar shares findings that are specific, approachable, and actionable.

Doug McDavid discusses the need for a diagnostics process for the all-services provider.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study from a project that aligned factions within a merged physician group to improve medical leadership and make the entire organization stronger and more productive.

Gil Edozien shares a company blog post that provides insight into gender inequality in Africa and offers viable solutions that will help empower women.

In this interview with Betty Ng, Jene’ Elzie, Chief Growth Officer at Athletes First Partners, reveals how the PO-LING POWER framework has impacted her success.

Katie Swartz provides four easy ways to gain valuable insights that can inform your strategy, improve your products and services, boost your revenue, and help you remain competitive in the marketplace.

A concise post from Ahmet Kocamaz on the art and engineering of customer promotion projects.

Hugh Pinkus shares a case study on best practices to reduce expenses and increase revenues across 104 rehabilitation hospitals.

Franck Nassiri explains how a great company culture can really make a difference.